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M3 has helped us to maximize our wealth without maximizing the risk in our portfolio, with very little out of pocket expense to us! It has truly been a remarkable experience for our entire family, and one we whole heartedly recommend to anyone who is serious about taking control of their life. I only wish someone would have referred us to M3 ten or fifteen years earlier!
- Matt & Angela Hansen
M3 has changed the way we think about money. In fact, it may be the best thing we have ever done personally or professionally! After running a successful business for over 20 years, M3 helped to improve our cash flow by over 35%. They took the time to help us when no one else would! I am not easily impressed but this is truly one of the most remarkable financial processes I have ever seen.
- Mark and Michelle Marlowe
Following M3's strategies has helped us to systematically eliminate our debt while increasing our net worth by over 400%. M3 always seems to be one step ahead of us! It is refreshing to deal with someone who is truly concerned about us... and our needs! We have never felt like we have been sold anything! They are not pushy, extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and have a huge network of strategic partners and financial resources. I would strongly recommend the M3 System to anyone...
Scott & Karen Smith
M3's principles and tools helped us make some needed changes in our lives. Becoming self-reliant is not rocket science, but it does require unique vision, competent planning, proven financial tools, and mentored discipline. If you are serious about escaping the "financial jungle" and you want to become financially self-reliant, you just need to follow these simple and time-less principles.
Hal & Gloria Schofield
“If we told you about all of the miracles M3 has performed for us it would sound like a paid endorsement. Here's the bottom line - it's the best thing that's ever happened to us financially! M3 has helped us to expand our new practice and increase our net worth. If you are looking to make a positive lasting change in your life we highly recommend M3.
Ron & Kari Porter
Great resource for financial planning for an individual or a business.
- Jared Oviatt
Duane will help you reach all of your goals. He is a great resource, and he is honest and dependable.
Lisa Walker
I have known Duane for over a decade. I trust him and his abilities. His clients, I’ve found, feel the same way. He is a great man and brings that integrity and “get-it-done” attitude to everything he does. I highly recommend Duane and M3 Wealth.
Cameron Marcum
Duane provides invaluable insight into your financial health and he will help you to meet your goals.
Brinda Chiddix
His ability to organize and structure personal or business finances and to manage day-to-day operations is unparalleled!
Johnny Christensen
is within your reach!
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