Planning for retirement is critical! However, most of us cannot even see retirement until we are 50 or 55, and by then we are on the downhill slope speeding toward our date with retirement.

To compound this lack of vision, some of us will live in retirement longer than we have worked in our careers! Adding to these issues are the changes in the longevity of our careers. The average person works at the same job for less than five years, most of whom will spend their retirement savings several times transitioning from job to job until we are in our late 40’s or early 50’s.

Planning for retirement is critical but tricky! For decades now, credit approvals have loosened and this has created generations of chronic spenders. Living the consumption lifestyle has added to the challenges of retirement.

One of the most alarming statistics is that over 25% of American’s over age 75 still have a mortgage. DON’T GIVE UP! Even though these challenges seem daunting, there are still things you can do and strategies to deploy to help you to reach your retirement goals! Call an M3 guide today, there is no time like the present!

"In the end, it's not the years of your life that count, it's the life in your years!"
Steven Covey

The Building Blocks of a Solid Retirement Plan:

These products are the financial building blocks of any good Financial Map! If you are going to accelerate the pay-off of debt in your portfolio, this is definitely the place you want to start. Savings is the catalyst to any good Financial Plan! We should invest in things with similar risks to the things we are paying off.

Safety & Liquidity

Budgeting is a core component in any good Financial Plan! Learning to live within our means and getting out of debt are critical to maximizing wealth. The important part of building a budget is automating it so we know where we are at any given point in time. Automating our budgets helps us to consistently live within our means.


Debt is one of the most important factors in creating and sustaining wealth. However, with the proper tools, we can not only eliminate our debt much earlier, but we can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over our lifetimes. We need to turn our debt payments into retirement savings! All it takes is a knowledge of the potential our debt holds and the discipline to develop the proper habits.

Debt Elimination

Most of us have been taught by lenders to focus on the wrong things! We have been conditioned to concentrate interest rates instead of lending terms, putting the banks in a position of control. These tactics have stretched many to the breaking point with higher monthly payments and tight cash flow constraints to manage.


Risk Management is a critical part of any Financial Plan or Financial Map. How we choose to protect ourselves, our assets, our liabilities, and our important belongings are extremely important.

Risk Management

Contrary to popular belief, the market works! Winning in the market takes several things: discipline, a solid investment strategy, an understanding of historical performance, spreading the risk with asset allocation, and a long-term perspective!

Investment Essentials

Estate Planning is usually facilitated by a “rock-solid” financial team comprised of: an experienced Estate Planning Attorney, an Accountant, and an Insurance Professional or Financial Guide. All of these financial experts must be available to develop the most comprehensive and effective Estate Plan.

Estate Planning

Planning for retirement involves coordinating several key financial components. Understanding the implications of the tax code is important and ever-changing. Use these tax resources to assist you with your retirement plans.

Tax Information

Social Security Information

What is Social Security?

Will it be there for Me?

Inflation: (What is the Impact)

Silently Robbing Your Purchasing Power!


According to a recent study by the Department of Health and Human Services, for every 100 people starting their careers, the following situation exists at age 65…
It is sad that in the world’s richest nation, millions of people live at or below poverty.

Retiring on a Fixed Income:

We generally work for 30 to 35 years during our lives and our goals is to accumulate a nest egg to help us live comfortably in our retirement years. The majority of us will be retired for as long or longer than we have worked, so we will need to find a way to live on our investment interest and not our principal.

Year 2000 4.2 Million People
Year 2050 19 Million People

Social Security was NOT built for the 21st Century!

When Social Security was instituted the average person lived to the ripe old age of 67 or 68. FDR’s social security solution was not built to last through 30 years of retirement. Living to 95 in the 1930‘s was completely unfathomable, but today it is not only probable it happens every day!!

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