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Welcome Veterans!

This video above is a short introduction to this veterans benefits page overview. We would love to help you qualify for the benefits you deserve!

We Served You Because You Served US!

Nearly 200 Million in Benefits generated for Veterans since our inception (2011).

Approximately Ten Million Wartime Veterans and Surviving Spouses are Eligible for the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit!

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Veterans and Surviving Spouses

Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

Surviving Spouse
Single Veteran
Married Veteran
Two Married Veterans
Monthly Benefit
Our Veterans of their Surviving Spouses may receive up to $2,265 per month in Tax-free benefits to help with daily living expenses!

Which branches of the military are eligible? Army,Navy,Air Force,Marines... including nurses, medical personnel, and Reserves, National Guard, or Merchant Marines who served or were at sea at least 90 days.

Wartime Periods of Service Conflict Start Date End Date

Conflict Start Date End Date
Mexican Border Period 05/09/1916 04/05/1917
World War 04/06/1917 11/11/1918
World War I, Served in Russia 04/06/1917 04/1/1920
World War II 12/07/1941 12/31/1946
World War II-Going Merchant Marine 12/07/1941 08/15/1946
Korean War 06/27/1950 01/31/1955
Vietnam War (In-Country) 02/28/1961 05/07/1975
Vietnam War (All Service) 08/05/1964 05/07/1975
Lebanon Expeditionary Force 08/21/1982 02/26/1984
Grenada Expeditionary Force 10/23/1983 02/26/1984
Panama Expeditionary Force 12/20/1989 01/31/1990
Persian Gulf War 08/02/1990 Not Determined
Somalia Expeditionary Force 09/17/1992 Not Determined
Operations Joint Endeavor 11/20/1995 06/20/1998
Joint Gaurd & Joint Forge (Former Yugoslavia) Not Determined for Op. Joint Forge
Global War on Terrorism 09/11/2001 Not Determined (Military Expeditions to Combat Terrorism as in Afghanistan)
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NBC Veteran Retirement Video

Supporting our Veteran heroes in their time of need because they supported us in ours!

Once a Soldier...

... Always a Soldier!

We serve you... because you served us!

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