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We Serve You Because You Served Us!

Over 200 million in benefits generated for Veterans since our inception (2011).

American Patriot Service Corporation

Volunteering time to help America’s veterans and their families!

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Our Freedom has been Protected & Secured!

America made a promise to help and protect our veterans in their time of need and we need your help to honor this promise!

Helping our Heroes get the Benefits they were Promised!

Approximately Ten Million Wartime Veterans and Surviving Spouses are Eligible for the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit!

How Can I Help or Support a Veteran?

Only 10% of the Funds we have raised since we started in November 2011 have gone to fund overhead or Fund Raising… 90% of your donations go to help Veterans get the benefits they were promised!

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Our Strategic Partners:

We would love to have every American make a donation to support our Veteran heroes. However, many do not have the means financially. The companies below are offering products and services at a discount to each of us, and they have committed to donate a percentage of their profits (in your your name) to American Patriot Service Corporation!

Custom Eyez Optx is excited to provide affordable eyeware to our veteran heroes, their friends and neighbors. As a premier sponsor of APSC we are proud to offer a 35% discount off custom eyeware. This is around 70% off retial prices before insurance is applied. Join us in supporting these veterans through American Patriot Service Corporation!

Purchasing Power!

Help our Corporate Sponsors to find and support these Veterans by using their products and services!

35% OFF Sitewide

Go to www.customeyesoptics.com
Use Promo Code: OSayCanUC

Save up to 70% off retail prices on all glasses!
You can also save BIG on contacts and sunglasses!

Custom Eyez Optx will DONATE 10% of your TOTAL Purchase to APSC to help our VETERANS!


At M3 Wealth, we are proud to be associated with American Patriot Service Corporation. We are grateful for so many veteran heroes who put there lives on the line to protect our freedoms, and so many more who gave their lives to keep our country free. M3 Wealth is giving a portion of its profits annually to help this amazing cause! Please join us in supporting APSC by making a donation or helping them to find veterans to bless and assist.

Purchasing Power!

Help our Corporate Sponsors to find and support these Veterans by using their products and services!

The corporate sponsors above are absolutely committed to helping American Patriot Service Corp. locate as many of the TEN MILLION  veterans we are looking for as possible. In addition. they have agreed to allocate a percentage of their profits or corporate income to help these veteran hero’s and their families!

We serve you because you served us!

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