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Our Vets have received over

At M3 Wealth, we are proud to be associated with American Patriot Service Corporation. We are grateful for so many veteran heroes who put there lives on the line to protect our freedoms, and so many more who gave their lives to keep our country free. M3 Wealth is giving a portion of its profits annually to help this amazing cause! Please join us in supporting APSC by making a donation or helping them to find veterans to bless and assist.

Veterans and Surviving Spouses
2022 Benefit Amounts
Monthly Benefit
Annual Benefit
Single Spouse
$ 1,318 Monthly
$ 15,816 Annually
Single Veteran
$ 2,050 Monthly
$ 24,610 Annually
Married Veteran
$ 2,431 Monthly
$ 29,175 Annually
Two Married Veterans
$ 3,253 Monthly
$ 39,036 Annually

Welcome Veterans!

This video above is a short introduction to this veterans benefits page overview. We would love to help you qualify for the benefits you deserve!

How Can I Help or Support a Veteran?

Only 10% of the Funds we have raised since we started in November 2011 have gone to fund overhead… 90% of your donations go to help Veterans get the benefits they were promised!
is within your reach!
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