Duane Fugleberg

Duane Fugleberg

Managing Partner:
Financial Cartographer / Business Consultant
VP of Lending Operations

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  • Areas of Emphasis:
  • Financial Cartographer
  • Business Consultant
  • Creative Financing Solutions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Managemen

Duane’s Fugleberg:Duane worked his way through college as a teller and loan officer for Seafirst Bank in Seattle, Washington. He attended Rick’s College (now BYU Idaho) and the University of Montana where he played football and wrestled, while pursuing a degree in business management. After college he worked for Lyons and Associates a full-service insurance agency in Salt Lake City, Utah (which eventually become the insurance department for Zion’s Bank). After leaving Lyons and Associates in 1989, Duane was hired by Seafirst Bank, who was eventually acquired by Bank of America. In 1992, Duane was hiredas a VP and Manager for Bank of America in their Idaho Falls Office and was tasked with regional training and service on the bank’s Incentive and Strategic Budget Committee’s.

In 1996, Duane founded American Marketing & Financial Group where he did financial planning, and eventually added lending.In 2004, he co-founded M3Wealth, a non-traditional financial services company focused debt-based planning, debt elimination, lending and business consulting. M3 Wealth focuses on: “Mapping a sustainable course to Financial Self-reliance, Measuring the impact of daily financial decisions, and Mentoring proven financial principles.”

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